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Welcome to the website of Permata Hati Resort Hotel & Organic Farm.

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Fantastic View

Permata Hati Resort and Organic Farm is the right choice. With a comfortable resting environment for a family holiday events, vacation, education / training center and a meeting that requires quiet atmosphere far from urban noise. Having a lot of interesting and complete facilities that are intended for your family.

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Organic Farm

Permata Hati Organic Farm provides a variety of vegetables and fruit. Our products are different from other products since we have organic certificate from SEAMEO BIOTROP Children and families can learn how to plant or pick vegetables organic guided by farming mentors of Permata Hati Organic Farm

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Hotel Room

There are 10 units of hotel rooms. All rooms are clean and comfortable with complete facilities inside. All rooms have views to the stunning mountain

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There are various options of Bungalow which will provide more choices, when you stay at Permata Hati Resort.

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